Doc Studio is...

an online community for documentary filmmakers -- both emerging and established.  It’s a learning community that supports POV (point-of-view) filmmaking.  If you’re interested in making docs or just watching them, this is the place for you. Find out about the craft of filmmaking at Doc Studio -- an online community showcasing documentary filmmakers and their work.  

Featured Filmmaker & Film Festival

Every year, TVO Doc Studio will feature a filmmaker that has created a body of work with TVO. These films will be celebrated in a Film Festival that will broadcast on TVO and be accessible online for the term of the featured presentation (up to one year). Through extensive interviews posted online, filmmakers will reveal the process and ethos by which they work, their inspirations, and their perspectives on the craft of filmmaking.

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Short Doc Contest

The Featured Filmmaker will also work with Doc Studio to launch and jury a Short Doc Contest, entries of which must be under 5 minutes. The Featured Filmmaker establishes the mission and parameters of each year’s contest, and offers "tips" gleaned by Doc Studio from extensive interviews.

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Inspiration & Insight

Throughout Doc Studio are video segments from filmmakers who have made documentaries for TVO, as well as updates on the subjects of their films. Be sure to click into Filmmaker Comments and other related video on each documentary highlight page.

Documentary Submissions

If you are a filmmaker and want to submit a documentary proposal or finished film for consideration by TVO, please refer to the Producer's Guide.

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Ian Brown

Ian Brown is host of TVO’s award-winning Canadian and international point-of-view documentary series. Brown has worked as a business writer at Maclean's and The Financial Post, and as a roving national feature reporter for The Globe and Mail. Brown is the author of four acclaimed and best-selling books: "Freewheeling", "Man Overboard", "What I Meant to Say: The Private Lives of Men" and most recently, "The Boy in the Moon: A Father’s Search for his Disabled Son" which won several prestigious awards.


Jane Jankovic

Jane Jankovic is TVO’s commissioning editor of Canadian POV documentaries and the supervising producer for Saturday Night at the Movies and Allan Gregg in Conversation. Award-winning commissions include "Broke", "A Hard Name", and "Land." Previous to docs, Jane was series producer of the Gemini award-winning current affairs program Studio 2.

Linda Fong

Linda Fong is TVO’s independent production officer, working with commissioning editor Jane Jankovic to program the network’s award-winning Canadian POV documentary anthology series. Critically-acclaimed commissions on the series include "The Manor", "The Defector: Escape From North Korea" and “Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel.”

Liane Kotler

Liane Kotler is producer/director and content creator for TVO’s Doc Studio. Liane produced documentary segments for TVO's Studio 2 and was series producer of the biography program Person 2 Person with Paula Todd. If there’s something you’d like to see on these pages, send your ideas to:

Vivien Kingsland

Vivien Kingsland has nearly 40 years of television production experience. Her love of documentaries goes back even further: an early favourite from 1964 was Michael Apted’s “7 UP,” and later British social docs, such as “Johnny Go Home” and “Rampton.” Vivien works with Ian Brown on documentary intros and directs content for Doc Studio.