Shahira (1988)

A young Muslim woman, trained as an anthropologist, sufferes hardship and professional censure to save a desert tribe in Egypt from becoming extinct in the harsh Sahara.


No Man's Land (1994)

A powerful account of modern war reporting - by women. From the front lines of Sarajevo and Afghanistan, Saywell follows two women as they attempt to make sense of the madness of war, and find their own way to balance their lives and perspectives.   


Fire and Water (1995)

About Dr. Hussain Shahristani, once Saddam Hussein's Chief Nuclear Scientist and then his foremost dissident. Meet him, his remarkable family, and their crusade.


Kim's Story (1997)

A photograph that captured the horrific Vietnam War was that of a nine-year-old girl running naked down a road, screaming in agony from napalm burns. This is her story.


Legacy of Terror (1999)

One of the most deadly bombings: Air India Flt 182, from Canada to India. Over 300 lives lost. The doc was made 14 years after the tragedy and botched investigation.


Angry Girls (2004)

The inner terrain of teenage girls living right in Toronto’s inner core, raised in shelters and housing projects, these girls feel so disconnected, that joining a clique or gang becomes the only way to belong. For them, violence is empowerment.

Martyr Street (2006)

The story of war, as experienced by two girls, who live across the street from each other – but are raised as enemies. Martyr Street, in the West Bank has long been known as a flashpoint. It’s the only place where Jewish settlers live in the heart of a Palestinian city.