Meet the Filmmakers


Toronto-based filmmaking duo Derreck Roemer and Neil Graham have worked together for over 20 years producing everything from super-8 art films to feature length documentaries. In late 2000 the pair formed their first production company and began the Gladstone Hotel project, a film six years in the making. "Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel" premiered in 2007 to critical acclaim and sold out screenings at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto. It then played festivals worldwide before its television broadcast in Canada and Israel. The film garnered Roemer and Graham a 2008 Gemini Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Series, as part of TVO's documentary anthology series The View From Here. In 2009 the pair formed Insurgent Projects, an independent production company that creates everything from short videos for the web to one-off documentaries for theatrical release and TV broadcast.


About the Film

Sixty years ago, travellers filled the motels, restaurants and gas stations along Highway 7 between Kaladar and Perth, Ontario. Now weeds grow high around rusting cars and the buildings of once-prosperous businesses are collapsing. Highway 7 was once the main road between Toronto and Ottawa, but just like the interstate highway killed America’s Route 66, the construction of nearby four-lane highways siphoned Highway 7’s traffic and razed its businesses.

"The Lost Highway" is a documentary that chronicles a year in the life of the roadway. It tells a range of stories—from old-timers hanging on to what little remains, to tenacious entrepreneurs and artists carving out a future. The film paints an intimate portrait of an impoverished region poised on the verge of transformation.

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