About the Doc


"Mugshot" explores the bewildering world of iconic photos of suspects and criminals. It examines the cultural value of these photos and questions their worth to contemporary society.  "Mugshot" gathers a motley crew of writers, artists and collectors whose lives have been transformed by the strange power of the mug shot. Once disregarded as photographic evidence of a crime, these tiny moments of history are now highly valued by collectors and aficionados. Cultural and legal differences are exposed between Canada and the United States as we see how these precious photos are used in historical archives, in art and in tabloid culture. Ultimately, the doc is an intimate portrait of the human condition -- the unseen bonds that unite each of us.

Meet the Filmmakers

Producer-Director, Dennis Mohr's previous film for TVO was "Disfarmer: A Portrait of America," about the life and work of eccentric depression-era photographer Mike Disfarmer. His rediscovered photos caused a collector frenzy in Manhattan and Toronto. Mohr, a 20 years veteran of film, television, and new media, has also worked on "The World of Ted Serios," the true story of a hard living ex-bellhop from Chicago, who claimed to be able to project his thoughts onto Polaroid film. Mohr also produced the acclaimed feature documentary “Remembering Arthur,” about Canadian filmmaker, Arthur Lipsett, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art.


Martin Lavut and Dennis Mohr on Their Previous Doc, DIsfarmer: A Portrait of America


Producer, Charlotte Engel has worked in the film & television industry for more than 20 years. Prior to building her production company Rock Yenta Productions, Charlotte worked as a Production Executive for CHUM Television, CTV and Bell Media, specializing in factual, reality and performing arts programming. Charlotte also worked on arts programming such as Rhombus’ “Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Cello Suites,” “The Four Seasons,” and “Canadian Brass Christmas Special.” Charlotte’s indie film career began with her work on Bruce McDonald's “Highway 61” and Atom Egoyan's “The Adjuster.”




Production Album


William S. Burroughs bedroom in the Bunker, NYC.


Interview with poet John Giorno in the Bunker, NYC


Artist and collector Mark Michaelson, NYC


Least Wanted collection of mug shot photos by Mark Michaelson