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Over the last century, the humble chocolate bar has become the most popular candy in the world. Every year, Americans alone consume on average 11.7 pounds of it. The worldwide consumption increases every year at a rate of 4%. But chocolate, as it turns out, was never meant to be candy. For the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, it was a powerful food to be worshipped. A single drink pressed from cacao beans could sustain a warrior for days in the heat of battle. The ancients even used these sacred beans as currency. When science took it upon itself to give the cacao tree a name, it chose “Theobrama Cacao” -- Food of the Gods. The film "Semisweet: Life in Chocolate" travels to four vastly different places around the globe to follow the unique journey of characters whose lives have been intrinsically transformed by chocolate. It’s a story told through the personal journeys and lives of extraordinary characters. And, although their paths have never directly crossed, their lives are interwoven through their very unique and personal relationship with chocolate.

Behind-the-Scenes on Semisweet: Life in Chocolate

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Meet the Filmmakers

Michael Allcock is an independent writer/director. As a writer, Michael has worked in film and television for more than a dozen years. Some of the documentaries he has penned include "Tyler’s Barrel" (TVO), "First and Last," and "Vimy Ridge: From Heaven to Hell" – for which he was nominated for a Gemini in 2007. His documentary series include "Final 24," "Dig WW2" and "Secret Files of the Inquisition." As a director, Allcock was nominated for a Gemini in 2011 for "Forensic Factor." "Semisweet: Life in Chocolate" is his first full-length documentary as both writer and director.

Lalita Krishna is an award-winning filmmaker and transmedia producer. Her work has been broadcast on all major networks in Canada, and featured at film festivals around the world. As the co-chair of the Documentary Organization of Canada’s Toronto chapter, Lalita spearheaded DOCShift, a two year initiative to develop the core capacity of producers to create interactive documentaries using a variety of delivery platforms. Lalita sits on the board of Hot Docs, North America’s leading documentary film festival, and is a featured speaker at prestigious conferences and professional development events. Lalita has been awarded the DreamCatcher Award  for using her craft to better humanity and is the recipient of the 2010 Reel World Trailblazer award.

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