About the Doc

"Smoke Traders" tells the story of the contraband tobacco trade and the effect on individual lives and communities from a Native perspective. The multimillion dollar cigarette industry that Mohawks have built has pulled their communities out of third world poverty, but the Canadian government is determined to shut the trade down. Are these traders criminals who must be stopped? Or are they a new breed of Native entrepreneur who deserve our support?

Meet the Filmmakers

Director Jeff Dorn creates films that evoke emotion and speak to the human condition. Ojibway from Walpole Island First Nation, he began his career in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a news photographer editor. From drama to documentary, Jeff has created thought-provoking award-winning films. Jeff has the eye and passion to bring any production to life and is currently helping to promote the release of "Smoke Traders."





Co-director of the Peabody Award-winning documentary "Reel Injun" and a driving force behind award-winning documentary and fiction programming, Executive Producer Catherine Bainbridge is now spearheading Rezolution Pictures' move into interactive media with independent game studio Minority Media Inc.